Self-Invested Personal Pension

Similar in many respects to a SSAS, a SIPP is a personal pension arrangement with no sponsoring employer. A SIPP can offer much the same flexibility as a SSAS but great care needs to be taken when choosing a provider. Not all SIPPs offer the same features, with different providers producing different variations to suit their particular business model. This model may or may not be suitable for your client’s needs.

Many larger providers use their economies of scale to produce systems and procedures aimed at efficiently processing high volume standardised transactions. This is fine for advisers with clients simply seeking access to a large and diverse collection of funds available on the various “platforms” but if the client is likely to require a more diverse range of investments or is looking to invest in commercial property, it may not be appropriate.

The Organon SIPP has been specifically designed as a low-cost bespoke SIPP allowing most of the investments permitted under current legislation. At the same time we have removed many of the additional fees and conditions imposed by most bespoke providers to deliver an extremely flexible and cost effective pensions vehicle.

Key benefits for the Organon SIPP include the following:

  • Access to a wide range of allowable investments
  • No transaction charges on sale and purchases of standard investments
  • No requirement to use linked service providers (for example: solicitors, surveyors, property insurers etc.)
  • All monies received for Organon SIPP members are credited directly to the member’s Scheme Bank Account and the member receives the full rate of interest paid by Royal Bank of Scotland or Cater Allen Private Bank
  • The ability to pool funds from a number individual SIPPs in a Group SIPP in order to jointly purchase and hold assets, such as commercial property.
  • Independence – Organon does not provide financial advice to individuals and remains strongly independent in its dealing with all parties

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